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About Us

If you have ever experienced the absolute joy of finding that perfect item online only to be devastated during the check-out procedure because they do not ship to your location, we feel your pain. Well suffer no more online shoppers of the world, shopping in the United States, Asia, and Europe has never been easier! You can now shop at your favorite online site from anywhere in the world and receive your loot in no time at all. Read More →

How Shipperman Works


Shopping with Shipperman is quick and easy. Browse online at your favorite store and click on the items that you want to buy, use your Shipperman address and send us your package. Our staff will deal with all the legalities that need to be taken care of. You will receive your package within five to eight business days with no fuss, aggravation, or hidden fees.


We specialize in the delivery of items with efficiency and competitive prices that can’t be beat by anyone around. We take great care to ensure that your merchandise is delivered to you in perfect condition, and have provided a ticket system that will allow you to keep track of your order during the entire delivery process.


Enjoy the convenience of delivery right to your doorstep, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services once you experience the ease that you will receive merchandise. It’s like getting a present with every delivery!

Enjoy Shopping, we will take care of the rest


Calculated values are estimates and are used as a reference. Final cost of your bill may vary depending on value, weight,volume, and any additional costs that may apply at the time of your purchase....


Why Use Shipperman to Ship

  • Clearance charges reduced

  • Shipping cost calculator

  • Save up to 35% on shipping fees

  • Consolidate your orders

  • Concierge service

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