Shipping Cost Calculator

Calculated values are estimates and are used as a reference. Final cost of your bill may vary depending on value, weight, and any additional costs that may apply at the time of your purchase.

When package is received at our US warehouse, we calculate both the actual weight of the package and its volumetric weight; the larger figure will be applied to your package.

Dimensional Weight Calculator description:


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*Based on the weight and dimensions you have provided, your package could be a candidate for re-packing. This process will help save on volume weight.
Please note, depending on the nature of your order, your package can not be re-packed and therefore volumetric weight rate will be applied.

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Click Here to find out more about the Shipperman Cost Calculation.

The cost of your package is determined by several factors;

  • Actual weight
  • Volumetric weight (the amount of space your purchase(s) will occupy once it has been packaged
  • Fees
  • Duties
  • Taxes

Since it can be challenging to estimate we will send you an estimate of the shipment cost. When your package arrives at our warehouse we will perform the following procedure;

  • Weigh it
  • Measure it
  • We handle customs arranges
  • We handle the duty legal work
  • We then will send you an estimate of the cost
  • Once we receive payment, your order will be shipped to you with no fuss no muss! Just tear it open and enjoy it!

For your convenience, we have supplied a cost calculator so you can see for yourself what the estimate will be for your package. This is a very simple process;

  • Step 1: Using the scroll button click the Country that you are interested in
  • Step 2: Using the scroll button click the City
  • Step 3: Enter the unit of measurement you will be using
    • Pounds = LBS
    • Kilograms = KGS
  • Step 4: Dimensional Weight Calculation
    • Enter the unit of measurement you will be using
      • Centimeters
      • Inches
    • Enter length, width, and height
    • Your calculation will then be completed for you