About Us


About us

Don't Disbelieve Just Click and Receive!

If you have ever experienced the absolute joy of finding that perfect item online only to be devastated during the check-out procedure because they do not ship to your location, we feel your pain. Well suffer no more online shoppers of the world, shopping in the United States, Asia, and Europe has never been easier! You can now shop at your favorite online site from anywhere in the world and receive your loot in no time at all. No longer do you have to go without those beautiful pair of shoes, or that sweater which matches your eyes perfectly, they are literally at your fingertips! Join us and finally get those items that were not available to you until now!

About Shipperman

We are simply offering you a chance to get an international address which allows you to purchase anything from any website across the world. Use our calculator to estimate your shipping cost. We will then receive the package containing your purchase and provide you with an exact price for your shipping. Duties and local taxes are not included. We guarantee you there will never be any hidden fees.

We package all our client’s items in one box to help save you money. We guaranteed that you will receive your package in perfect condition and in a timely manner.

You can finally get everything you want at your door in three simple steps!

Customer's Praise

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How members information is protected

Shipperman protects your personal and financial data from cybercriminals and online fraudsters by using advanced encryption technology. Check out our security seal from McAfee to make sure our site has been scanned and verified as secure by a trusted third party.

Your Mission Statement

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